What to Wear for Valentine’s Day 2019 – The Perfect Date Outfit Revealed!

We all know that when we look good, we feel good. But, the pressure and hype surrounding the perfect Valentine’s day outfit can get to even the best of us. Whether you have a romantic date, plan to meet up with the usual gang, or are going solo, let the season of love not evoke mixed feelings when it comes to your choice of outfit.

If you are wondering what to wear on Valentine’s day or are looking for last-minute style advice, you have landed on the right page. We interviewed some of the coolest Indian fashion bloggers and asked them their views on what makes a great V-day outfit.

Should you play it casual or dress up for the special day? The answer to that is rather straightforward. Your choice of outfit should and will be largely influenced by the venue and the nature of the celebration. A romantic dinner at a fine-dining restaurant calls for formal dressing, but if you intend to switch from work-mode to date-mode, it’s best if you plan your outfit in advance and opt for a quick change-over. “Wear an intelligent outfit!” says style coach and blogger Aiana Jain. “We all love to dress up for ourselves, but it is nice to dress up for someone else,” says Aiana, who is all about striking the right balance between having made an effort and not seeming like you have overdone it.

Many experts recommend selecting a classic outfit, such as an LBD. Come to think of it, it is very easy to dress it up or down, depending on where you are headed. A fan of classics, blogger Nidhi Arora believes, “A perfect date outfit would be a short, red stretchable dress with ruffled sleeves and a zip at the back.” Nidhi doesn’t shy away from experimenting with different styles of outfits. Scroll through her Instagram feed and you will be inspired with a range of plus-size outfit ideas.

But who says you have to limit yourself to red or pink on Valentine’s day? Aiana believes, “Valentine’s day is all about being yourself. So, choose the color that looks best on you. Inherently, we all know the color that works best for us!” We can’t agree much; after all, we tend to feel our best when we wear our favorite shade. Similarly, blogger Soundarya Thakur encourages you to go beyond these mainstream colors. Her choice would be a white outfit. “White is a calming, serene color, symbolic of purity. Love, too, is a symbol of purity, peace, and contentment. Moreover, white is a color that suits every person,” says Soundarya. 

For an evening out, it is wise to choose fabrics that have a bit of sheen or lace; this tip works for almost all kinds of outfits, be it a short dress, a gown, or even formal workwear. The trick is to keep your makeup minimal and focus on highlighting only your lips and eyes.

Bottom line: Whatever you choose to wear, make sure it feels comfortable to your skin. Remember to have a lot of fun, and make this valentine’s day the best one yet!

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