Rickshawali crosses one million subscribers on YouTube

If you follow the latest buzz on social media, you definitely don’t need an introduction to Anisha Dixit, a.k.a. Rickshawali, the popular Indian YouTube star. Anisha has been around for about 5 years, constantly entertaining us with her “spunky” vlogs. What’s interesting is that the majority of her videos are recorded against the backdrop of a humble rickshaw—a simple experimental idea that has spurred into a viral sensation on several occasions.

Anisha Dixit in her Rickshawali avatar

Source: www.shethepeople.tv

Earlier this month, her YouTube channel Rickshawali crossed over 1.24 million subscribers. This accomplishment is testimony to her loyal and ever-growing fan base! Rickshawali’s content is ripe with enthusiasm. She keep her audiences at the edge of their seats through her witty remarks about everyday challenges faced by the Indian community.

Anisha promises to delight her fans with fresh perspectives on mundane stuff, such as her dramatic reviews of beauty home remedies or her comic spins. Watch her popular celebratory video where she celebrates with fellow  Youtubers Vidya Vox, Mumbiker Nikhil,Scherezade Shroff,Shruti Arjun Anand, Beer Biceps, Captain Nick, Kaneez Surka,Be YouNick, Shanice Shrestha, Shanice Shrestha, Nazar Battu, Sonali Bhadauria, Jordinian, Technical Guruji, Sejal Kumar, Carry Minati, Harsh Beniwal, Ashish Chanchlani, Bhuvan Bam

Anisha is a serious content creator, and she advises newbies to be consistent, passionate, and dedicated with their work. Her subscribers get a fresh dose of her humor biweekly, i.e., every Tuesday and Friday. However, like many other popular YouTube stars, Anisha, too, receives a lot of flak for her work. But, she takes all the criticism in her stride and attempts to tackle it through her #LovePunch series.

With all that gyaan from an experienced YouTuber, we will let you to hop on to her YouTube channel to celebrate her new milestone and join in for some fun Rickster conversations. #HaiDaiyya

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