Naina Redhu going live on Instagram for the first time

If you are a budding photographer or blogger, you’re in for a treat! This Thursday, August 9, Naina Redhu, an internationally acclaimed luxury and lifestyle photographer and blogger will be going live on her Instagram account for the first time ever! Join the session to learn some cool tips from the pro photographer herself. She promises it will be a fun, casual chat. Moreover, she is up to answer all your questions about blogging, photography, influencer marketing, and branding.


Creative Photography by Naina Redhu (@naina)

Much of Naina Redhu’s pictorial works bring her creative ideas to life, giving you a wholesome experience through a picture. She describes herself as an “experience collector” and if you have seen her work, you would second that! Naina often experiments with fractal photography. Her web portfolio has some stunning, almost-psychedelic masterpieces. She recently went vegetable shopping and posted the below pictures on Insta story. Who knew these humble bagged veggies had such tremendous potential for transformation? We couldn’t help but take some screen grabs!

       creative photography by Naina Redhu @naina 1 creative photography by Naina Redhu @naina 2 creative photography by Naina Redhu @naina 3


We also adore the way she creatively catalogs her work through the hashtag series #EyesFor…. For instance, all her breathtaking travel pictures are tagged as #EyesForDestinations. Check out this gorgeous composite artwork showcasing the streets of Dubai, captured from Burj Khalifa.

Dubai Cityscape, Colour Abstracts #EyesForDubai


Intrigued? Won’t it be amazing to learn more about what goes on behind the lens?

So, block your calendar for 9 pm IST on the 9th of August, and go say hello to the very talented Naina Redhu!

P.S.: She’s also conducting a workshop in Gurgaon later this month on online brand promotion, Instagram, taking better photos, among other aspects, details of which you can find here.  

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