Lifestyle and Mommy Blogger Anupriya Kapur Turns Entrepreneur with an All-Natural Feminine Hygiene Product

Travel, fitness, and lifestyle blogger Anupriya Kapur regularly shares her stories on the blog “Mom on the Run on two topics she’s most passionate about — parenting and running. If you follow her on Instagram, you would know how she loves spending quality time with her son yet ensures she prioritizes her fitness and wellness. Continuing with that streak, in late 2018, Anupriya Kapur turned mompreneur and co-founded Imbue Natural — an organization committed to the cause of feminine hygiene.

Intimate hygiene and wellness have generally been a hushed topic among women, but in recent times, there has been a growing level of awareness on this topic. There is a plethora of information available on the internet, with blogs buzzing with feminine hygiene tips. And, with many chemical-loaded feminine hygiene products available in the market, the struggle is real.

Keeping in mind the tender concern and woes surrounding feminine hygiene, Imbue has launched its first product, called the Imbue Intimate Hygiene Foam.




Benefits of Imbue Intimate Hygiene Foam

Anupriya Kapur says she has truly been inspired by nature, which led her to create a product with only natural ingredients. Imbue’s hygiene foam is completely alcohol-free and can be used multiple times a day without any concerns.

The product is a one-stop solution for all intimate hygiene issues women typically face. The foam cleanses the genital area and keeps it well moisturized and odor-free. Furthermore, it helps maintain the natural pH balance of the sensitive skin, while keeping irritation, itchiness, and bacterial or fungal infections at bay.

The product, available on their website and Amazon, is priced at INR 349 for a 50-ml bottle, the perfect size to carry on the go.

Still wondering whether you should give this a try? Follow their Instagram feed for more updates, testimonials, as well as resourceful information to help you up your intimate wellness game!

We wish Anupriya Kapur and Team Imbue all the success for their new venture!

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