#CreatorsForGood – Responsible Influencers vs COVID19

Dear Creator/Influencer/KOL,

We are all experiencing truly unique times. The COVID19 global pandemic has impacted all of us in more than one way. The global economic slowdown adds more to it. Every day I am learning something new about ourselves as a society as I observe and reflect while I WFH.

In these anxious times, the last thing we need is a rumour. Its always seems interesting, gets shared quickly and influences minds much faster than the facts. It behaves very similarly to a virus; spreads fast, works in clusters, and one needs a to possess reasonable immunity to resist its impact.

As creators, we understand a different kind of virality. We have often created content that has gone ‘viral’. We have done this around areas of professional interest, perhaps we use our ‘viral’ abilities to make an impact in these unique times.

people talk. word spreads

As content creators, we have the ability to educate, persuade and/ or create some good vibes at scale. Let’s publish content that influences confidence calm and rationality among people. Let’s share so that we can do it at scale.
Let’s be #CreatorsForGood!
Here are some suggestions and I’d like you to help me vet and execute them:

  1. Educate
    1. Refresher on basic hygiene, not like a teacher but in a fun storytelling format. Preferably in your mother tongue or Hindi.
    2. If you are a subject matter expert, qualified health practitioner, educate with details. How does one take precautions, how does one identify symptoms, the right way to respond should there be a situation in your neighbourhood (don’t panic)
    3. If you know an expert who has the insights, help her to package the content and to get it published.
  2. Persuade
    There are more than one ways of encouraging rational thinking in these tough times. We need to persuade people to ensure they don’t panic. Publish in regional languages; perhaps use regional anecdotes.

  3. Good Vibes
    We’ve been excellent at creating FOMO. This time we need to extend that towards building a sense of calm and cheer because of YOLO 🙂
    E.g. Videos that make us grateful for the time we get to spend close to our family as we WFH

#CreatorsForGood – How can you participate?

I’ve not hashed out a great detail on specific content tactics, as its best for you to create from your heart around what you know and believe. You may support in one or more ways listed below:

  1. Vet and structure the above framework tighter. Suggest inputs via comments below.
  2. Create content and publish it in you SAs using #CreatorsForGood #COVID19 so that we can encourage others to share.
  3. Post your link in the comment box below, in phase 2 we will request influencers who are more adept at sharing over creating content – to add to your impact.
  4. Pick and share content from links which other Creators have shared (which you resonate with).
  5. Help the creator identify any factually incorrect content – if you spot any errors.
  6. Stay healthy, Spread good vibes!

Lavin Mirchandani
19 March 1:10 am

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