6 Indian Food Bloggers Share Their Best Christmas 2018 Recipes

It’s never too late to make something for Christmas! To help you make the most of the festive spirit, we have compiled a list of lip-smacking Christmas recipes including savouries and desserts! These recipes are by some of the most passionate food bloggers in the country, so you and your loved ones are in for that perfect holiday treat! 

1. Himanshu Taneja:

Australia-based food photographer and food stylist, Himanshu Taneja’s Christmas-special savoury dish — Chicken and Chorizo sausage rolls — looks irresistible. This is definitely something you should try for a house party this holiday season. Serve these rolls with flavoured sauces and dips, and delight your friends and family with this delicacy.

2. Shivesh Bhatia:

This young author and food blogger never fails to please us with his innovative recipes, and his latest work of delectable spiced orange wreath cake is no exception! Made with the goodness of Bourbon vanilla, orange zest, and oodles of spices, this flavorful cake will be an absolute winner at your party. Try this out today because nobody minds some more cake on Christmas day!

3. Deeba Rajpal:

Recipe developer Deeba Rajpal has come up with the most Indian thing you can try for this Christmas – a “garam masala” cake! Because, well, all things spice are definitely nice this season! 🙂

She is an enthusiastic baker, and if you have been following her on Instagram, you surely know that she does complete justice to her handle “passionateaboutbaking!” Go ahead, surprise your guests with this flavorful and fruity cake.

4. Madhuri Aggarwal:

Food photographer and stylist Madhuri Agarwal shares her recipe of a perfect jar of happiness. Sitting pretty in the jar are Meringue kisses, so lightweight and airy that they will melt in on your mouth before you know! Try her recipe if you are looking to make some quick, last-minute homemade gifts this festive season. 


5. Ankiet Gulabani:

Food writer Ankiet kickstarted the festive season early on by sharing mouthwatering recipes on his Instagram account, tagged as #12eatsofchristmas. Our best pick from his Christmas 2018 recipe collection is this Sticky Toffee Tahini Cake. Yes, you read that right! The cake is rich in Middle Eastern flavours. The cake tastes best with tahini butterscotch cake sauce dripped all over. Sounds interesting, doesn’t it?

6. Shweta Arora:

Food photographer and blogger Shweta’s recipe of an Italian-bread inspired appetizer makes for a quick snack for guests. Dressed in traditional Christmas colours of red and green, this pesto cream cheese and tomato bruschetta is full of flavours and incredibly simple to dish out. Salivating already? 😉

Whatever you choose to make today, make it with a generous dose of love.

May merry be your heart and cheery be your home…err…kitchen! Merry Christmas!

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