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VJ Jose Covaco's Cheeky Take On Mumbai Potholes Has Twitter In Splits


Days after RJ Malishka's now-viral video mocking potholes in Mumbai, another video on the issue has caught social media's attention. This video shows VJ Jose Covaco walking around different areas of Mumbai, cheekily describing potholes as hi-tech speed-breakers, chai for birds, and more....Read more

VIDEO: Comedian José Covaco’s comedy sketch on Aadhaar card goes viral

03 Jan 2018 | The Indian Express

Wondering why you need to link everything to your Aadhaar card? Giving it a funny spin, comedian José Covaco recently came up with a comedy sketch on it, and the 1.39-minute clip has gone viral....Read more

Watch: A non-profit in Mumbai (and Jose Covaco) want people to help them make the city green again


‘We really really need to proactively offset the damage we’re doing to our cities.’...Read more

Being Hoezaay: From popular RJ to social media sensation

25/07/2018 | hindustantimes

Former RJ and VJ José (pronounced Hoezaay, which is also his Twitter handle) has used humour to become a social media star: he’s four seasons into his podcast, and is wildly popular on Snapchat and Vine. But, as we learn the hard way, punctuality isn’t his strongest suit ...Read more